Paul Diffley

Documentary Filmmaker, Self-Shooting PD, Adventure Cameraman & Drone Pilot

Hot Aches Productions was born in 2004 and has grown to produce many highly acclaimed adventure films, picking up over 40 international awards in the process. As well as producing feature length documentaries under the Hot Aches banner, Paul's company also produces corporate films for key clients including Sony, WL Gore, Red Bull and The North Face.

 Hot Aches Studio, Edinburgh.

Hot Aches Studio, Edinburgh.



  • Redemption (2014)

  • Wide Boyz II (2014)

  • Distilled (2013)

  • Wide Boyz (2012)

  • The Long Hope (2011)

  • The Pinnacle (2010)

  • Monkey See, Monkey Do (2009)

  • Committed Volume II (2008)

  • Committed Volume I (2007)

  • E11 (2006)

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